Syntyché is a trauma informed yoga teacher, coach and social worker. 
As a survivor herself, she knows the power of humor, movement and plant
medicine.  When she works with clients she uses these modalities to invoke
dialogue, safe space inquire to foster healing and release of the deep
seated wounds of trauma.
Syntyché's product names and their therapeutic grade, sustainable
distillation process, makes her products the new market standard.
The patios of her Jamaican roots and urban chic New York edge 
inspire each and every apothecary offering; from  name to blend creation.
You should come by and take a class at her studio!
Each bottle is hand-crafted with all the  intentions of love by
Syntyché, the natural healing, safe properties of earth mother,
and of course, humor...because when we heal we smile. 



Syntyché Francella
MA.,M.Ed., MSW

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